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19th March 2018
Understanding Transgender youthwork training
  • A one-day training course for youth workers and church leaders
  • Training delivered by professional and experienced youth workers and people who identify as trans or with trans heritage
  • Wednesday 6th June (SOLD OUT) or Saturday 8th September
  • Waterloo, Central London

When it comes to gender the questions that today’s young people are asking - and the situations they are encountering - are almost entirely distinct from those faced by previous generations.

Not only have paradigms of gender radically shifted, but an increasing number of young people might now identify as transgender, gender non-binary or gender fluid - terms that might be daunting and unfamiliar to many youth workers and church leaders.

But despite the rapidly changing landscape, the need for church-based youth work to be inclusive, embracing and relevant has never been greater.

Join us for a one-day training session in central London exploring how best to understand, support and include transgender young people.

Wednesday 6th June - SOLD OUT

Book a place for Saturday 8th of September

The course will cover:

  • Understanding young people’s worldview and metanarratives
  • A theology of transgender and liberation
  • How to work inclusively and with equality 
  • Getting to grips with transgender and LGBTQQIAAP
  • Understanding young people’s learning and development - social, biological and theological
  • Adolescents and social construction 
  • Practical ways of working with transgender young people


The course will take place on Saturday 8th of September. 

Both will take place at the Oasis Centre 1a Kennington Road, London SE1 7QP near Waterloo station (joining instructions will be sent prior to the event)

The course costs £85 and includes lunch.

Wednesday 6th June - SOLD OUT

Book a place for Saturday 8th of September

Speakers and trainers

Toby Draper -  Toby is both a trans man and a Christian. He has been newly elected as the LGBT+ officer at the London School of Economics, where he studies Anthropology. He is a founding member of the Queer Christian Collective and London Hub leader of Diverse Church, both of which are online support spaces for LGBT+ Christians. Toby also sits on the board of Christians at Pride and has been conducting research looking at the intersection of Christian and Queer identities over the past year.

Dr. Christine Rose** - Christine is an established diversity and inclusion consultant working with a wide range of clients with a particular passion for seeing positive outcomes in the church. Dr. Rose has had the privilege of carrying out research with organisations such as the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) and Press for Change, and delivering national conferences with organisations such as Stonewall, Ofsted, AoC (Association of Colleges), and Gires (Gender Identity Research and Education Society). In addition, she’s provided training and support to schools, colleges and universities across the length and breadth of England to share best practice for the inclusion of trans staff and students. In particular, Dr. Rose co-authored the Open Church Network’s TRANSforming Churches resource with Steve Chalke. You can read more about Christine at www.christinerose.org.

Rev Steve Chalke MBE - Steve is a youth worker, church leader, well-known Christian speaker and broadcaster.  In 1985, he founded Oasis which today works with thousands of young people and their families around the world.  Steve has extensively researched and published theology around LGBT inclusion and is the leader of Oasis Church Waterloo in central London, which provides LGBT outreach to LGBT people.

In 2004, Steve founded Oasis Community Learning which today runs 49 primary and secondary Academies across the UK, responsible for the education of 25,000 young people.

Rev Gemma Dunning* - Gemma is a youthworker & Baptist Minister based in London. With undergraduate and postgrad studies that focus in Applied Theology and a JNC in Youth Work. Passionate about inclusion, Gemma is a trustee of Affirm (a UK network of Baptist Christians working together for LGBT+ inclusion), a member of the Council of the Baptist Union of Great Britain & is a Community Activist within Frontier Youth Trust. Her published work on ministering to LGBTQ youth includes The Youth Cartels ‘4 Views on Ministering to LGBTQ Teenagers’ & Spring Harvests ‘Big Issues’.

Dr. David Bailey, DTh Min, MA, FHEA - David is Senior Lecturer in Practical Theology at Oasis College and Oasis’ Theology and Training specialist.  He has 18 years’ experience of working with young people in the voluntary sector, an MA in Youth Ministry and Theological Education (Kings College London) and a research Doctorate in Theology and Ministry (also from Kings College). His research interests are the interplay and dialogue between Trinitarian theology, missiology and youth ministry practice. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, publishes regularly, and is a contributor and speaker at academic conferences. David is Associate Editor for the Journal of Youth and Theology, published by Brill.

More speakers and trainers to be announced. 

Throughout both days, training will be delivered by professional and experienced youth workers and people who identify as trans or with trans heritage

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*Gemma will only be present at the June session

**Christine will only be present at the September session


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