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Conversation, dialogue and resources around how the Church and local churches can better include and embrace people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.  We will also hear people's stories and guide those who need support to appropriate places.

LGB+T Inclusion

Throughout most of church history there has been a deeply rooted belief that same-sex relationships are incompatible with a Christian lifestyle.  In recent decades, as western society has become more embracing of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender life, Christian voices advocating a traditional understanding of these issues have become more vocal and at times aggressive.

However, in recent years a multitude of Christians have started to rethink the issues around the Bible, theology, church and the inclusion of LGB+T people.  This section creates space for the theology and practice of inclusion to be discussed and will offer resources that help make it a greater reality in churches across the globe.  Personal stories and testimony will also be featured as a crucial reminder that behind these ‘issues’ are real human beings who have often been the victims of a savage and uncaring conversation.

Throughout the site, we will use the acronym ‘LGB+T’ to refer to ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual + Transgender.’  Both transgender and LGB people have experienced discrimination from churches and for a number of reasons it makes sense to include discussion of these issues in the same section.  However, we are mindful that these issues are often all thrown together in a clumsy way.  By adding the ‘+’ we are attempting to acknowledge that transgender issues are not simply an extension of the conversation around same-sex relationships and deserves a focus of its own.  We welcome conversation around the best and most inclusive terms to adopt when using language that affects people’s lives.

An increasing number of Churches are openly committing to LGB+T inclusion. The Open Church Charter is a way for your church to make their position known and throw open their doors to people who are seeking an inclusive and welcoming community.

Is your church committed to LGB+T inclusion?

We believe that the good news of Jesus calls, welcomes and accepts all people into the family of his Church and that our diversity and openness are signs of his life, love and strength.  But we also recognise that building a universal Church in which all are – and feel – welcomed and included is still a work in progress, not only for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, but also for members of various other communities.

This charter is intended to make a commitment on behalf of our local church in relation to the inclusion of LGB+T people.

Read the and sign up to the Open Church Charter

The Open Church Network is an online safe space for people – regardless of their sexuality or gender identity to gather, share and discuss.  But however much the world we live in is becoming increasingly digital, nothing can replace meeting face to face with members of a safe and secure local community.

Open House – based out of Oasis Church Waterloo – is an opportunity for LGBTI+ people to do just that.  It is a safe place where one can share their story without any hint of judgement, where one can reconcile their Christian faith to their sexuality and gender identity, where one can just listen to other stories and ask questions, a place where the doors are flung open to show the inclusivity of God.

Open House happens on the third Tuesday of every month

For more information visit the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/asafespaceforlgbti/posts/?ref=page_internal

If you would be interested in helping to start an Open House event in your community please contact OCN@Oasisuk.org