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18th April 2019
The Lost Message of Paul: A one day event with Steve Chalke

Join Steve Chalke for a one-day event that will revolutionise your understanding of the Apostle Paul, the New Testament and what it means to be ‘saved.’

We have misunderstood Paul, badly.

We have read his words through our own set of assumptions. We need to begin with Paul’s worldview, to see things the way he saw them.

What if ‘original sin’ was never part of Paul’s thinking?

What if the idea that we are saved by faith in Christ, as Luther argued, was based on a mistranslation of Paul’s words and a misunderstanding of Paul’s thinking?

‘Over the centuries,’ writes Steve Chalke, ‘the Church has repeatedly failed to communicate, or even understand, the core of Paul’s message. Although Paul has often been presented as the champion of exclusion, he was the very opposite. He was the great includer.’

Based on his new book, ‘The Lost-Message of Paul’, Steve will share insights unearthed during years of research and study. With opportunities for question, discussions and reflection the day will provide a unique chance to delve into some of the most prescient questions of the Christian faith and is aimed at everyone passionate about creating a Church that is relevant for the 21st Century.



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