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16th January 2019

We want everyone who is able to and interested to join us for IN THE NAME OF LOVE: The Bible, Gender Identity and Same-Sex Relationships. That's why we've established the HelpOUT fund.

What's HelpOUT?

It's quite simple. Fellow attendees and supporters with the Oasis and Open Church Network community have contributed to a fund to provide discounted places for people who would like to attend but, for various reasons, are unable to afford the £35 fee.  Committed to inclusion, we believe it's imperative for everyone, regardless of income or financial status, to attend. 

We can't guarantee we'll be able to accept all applications as we're reliant on the generosity of others.  However, if you need assistance with the fee, and you (or a group of you) would like to attend, please fill out the application here.

Additionally, if this is a cause you believe in - providing a critical and eye-opening event on the Bible, Gender Identity and Same-Sex Relationships to a diverse group of people - we'd be appreciative if you'd consider donating here. 



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