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19th March 2018
'The Gender Agenda' - eBook

The Gender Agenda” forces us to take a deeper look at Scripture and understand that God’s heart is radically inclusive.  Like Steve, I believe we need a Revolution of Grace, that ensures the whole Body of Christ can truly flourish.

 - Jayne Ozanne, Ozanne Foundation

In his radical, readable and widely researched new eBook, Rev Canon Steve Chalke succinctly presents the theological case for the full inclusion of transgender people within faith communities.

Demonstrating that the theme of inclusion is consistent throughout the Bible, most notably in the ministry of Jesus who reached out to people ostracized by the society and religious authorities of the day, the book grounds the case for inclusion in the timeless wisdom of Scripture. 

In the book, Steve also sets out what it can mean to be transgender and the hurt, pain and mental health damage that can arise when people feel they have to suppress their true gender identity.

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