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Chalke Talk 85: Would the God of love choose to condemn anyone to everlasting punishment?

Steve argues, this week, that the notion of eternal torment has left our culture deaf to the real message of the gospel, one which is so desperately needed: love.

And with this episode of Chalke Talk, he explores, as he has in previous episodes and throughout his most recent best-selling book, The Lost Message of Paul, how we’ve got it wrong and what we need to do to get it right.

Chalke Talk 84: Did the apostle Paul believe in hell or damnation?

Back from a summer break, this week Steve continues to explore what the bible actually teaches – or doesn’t teach – about Hell and the idea, as the medieval church put it, of ‘perpetual punishment with the devil’ for those were ‘unworthy of Christ’.

Although the apostle Paul is often thought of as the number one preacher of post-mortem damnation, once you stop long enough to take a real look at his writing you are in for a rather big surprise.

Chalke Talk 82: What’s beyond the 'ABC’s' of Christianity?

In previous episodes, Steve has questioned the centrality of the cross to Christianity. The cross is nothing without redemption, Steve suggests.

And this week is no different when it comes to some of the most misunderstood writings of the Apostle Paul. One of them being, “We preach Christ Crucified.”

The gospel we are often told is as simple as ABC: