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A vision for community: I saw a new London...

It was 8 o'clock on Monday morning.

I was standing by Lambeth North station.

And I saw a new London coming down from the heavens.


I saw a teenager leaping out of bed with joy,

laughing with the freshness of the morning.


I saw elderly ladies skipping down Kennington Road.


I saw children paddling in the River Thames.


I saw a football match in Kennington Park and the teams were mixed people

from every people group: asylum seekers And taxi drivers, policemen and

Keeping spiritually healthy

I sat chatting with a city businessman. We talked about his life. He’d enjoyed the privilege of being educated at one of Britain’s most prestigious schools and then one of its finest universities. Now he’d come to see me about the new initiative, for which he’d been made responsible – developing a national scheme for mentoring young people into excellence.

He lamented the number of highly paid, ‘professionally successful’ people he meets who, he told me, it was clear are simply drifting – sleepwalking – through life. His new job was to stop this happening.