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12th November 2018
INSPIRE continues: Peace is not History

Friday saw tens of thousands of young people come together across the UK in remembrance events to remember those who lost their lives in conflict and to call for peace in our communities today.

The following is by Saskia Martić a Year 11 student of Oasis Academy Southbank.

'This is a poem that I have written specifically for INSPIRE, as we move towards Remembrance in 2018. I was feeling moved reflecting not only on lives lost through war and conflict, but the recent deaths in our community, on our streets, which are a tragic loss of young lives due to gang violence – even 5 deaths just this past week.

'So, this poem is called “If”.'

If the world again loses itself to bloodshed and violence,

If the sirens scream,

If the blackouts once again are pulled as a cloak of protection,

If the bombs fall like tears,

If happiness also seems rationed - malnourished of will.

If the young boys lay dead showered in bullets, their bodies awaiting a showering of petals.

If mothers fall to the ground wishing for the earth to engulf them, just to be with their beloved.

If protesters of hate are shamed,

If the killings are successes,

If the fatal wound feels like honour,

If we let the most powerful people in the world use weapons instead of words,


We must do better, that’s why we remember.

Saskia Martić

Ben Payne


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