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26th February 2019
Chalke Talk 61: Is faith exclusive to the faithful?

This week Steve picks apart a modern misconception about the church. And it’s one that both church-goers and those who don’t fall for time after time: that faith is something exclusive to the faithful.

This came up in a BBC interview Steve did where Christians were mischaracterised as irrational beings believing in some man up in the sky. For those of you who are not Christians we know that to not be true, but where we seem to miss it, according to Steve, is we forget that faith and trust are essentially one and the same. 

As he puts it, “In fact, it turns out that the statements ‘I believe in God’ and ‘I don’t believe in God’ are, equally, statements of faith.”

So some questions for you.

The ancient words of Psalm 24 read like this; ‘The Earth is the LORD’s and everything in it’. 

Do you believe that? In the end, it, just like most other things is a matter of faith. 

So, the real question is not ‘do you have faith? But, just as I said earlier; are the people, the organisations, the investments, the promises and the relationships you actually put your faith in day-by-day, year-by-year, really worth your investment of trust?


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