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12th June 2019
Chalke Talk 76: Does the church need another reformation?

Last week, Steve argued that “saved by faith alone” is possibly a “doctrine of straw.” This week, he continues to argue, in line with the message of his upcoming book “The Lost Message of Paul,” that this doctrine of straw is responsible for so much of Protestant Theology. And thus, how we’ve misunderstood Paul.

As Steve puts it, “If I am saved by my faith, it all boils down to my ability to believe; to muster the right thoughts, AND enough of the right thoughts, AND with the right intensity.” 

That’s created a tradition that focusses on legalism and believing the right thing over the message of the gospel. This is a bit ironic because, for people like Pistus, Steve argues, “faithfulness’ rather than ‘faith,’ is more about action and behavior than cerebral acceptance.

So some questions for you. So, over to you. Does this make sense to you? 
What questions does it pose? 
What problems do you think it answers?


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