Is it possible to read the Bible without intepreting it?

15th December 2017
Chalke Talk 7 - We must interpret the Bible or we make it irrelevant

Some Christians, often with passion and pride, argue that the Bible does not need to be interpreted.  Every word – every syllable – can be applied without thought and interpretation.  This, Steve argues in the latest addition of Chalke Talk, is nonsense.

Chalke Talk 7 - We must interpret the Bible or we make it irrelevant from Open Church network on Vimeo.

By its very nature, Scripture requires interpretation and everyone that takes it seriously interprets it in one way or another.  If we fail to do so, we leave it open to the juvenile critiques of people like Richard Dawkins and allow society to gradually lose faith in its timeless teachings.

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I think this is the first video in this series that I can agree with. But it depends how the interpretation is done.

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