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10th April 2019
Chalke Talk 67: What does "living well" really look like?

This week Steve continues to expand on what does “being human” involve and asks “what does living well really mean?”

During Paul’s time, people were consumed with false idols and an unimaginable amount of Gods. It’s easy to write these individuals off as prehistoric, but Steve argues the same issue plagues humanity today. “The only difference is that we’re far more direct now; power, money, sex, leisure, self-interest, health and beauty – but the values and characters of our gods have remained stubbornly the same.”

So what does it mean to follow Jesus, despite the eerily similar state of humanity during his time as it is today, and moreover truly “live well?” Steve responds that, “Rather than power, Jesus modelled servanthood, rather than control he demonstrated self-control; rather than pride his example was one of humility. 

His was a life filled with generosity, compassion, patience, honesty, kindness and integrity.”

So some questions.

Jesus showed us a way of being human that nobody had ever imagined before. 

And, in doing so, he poses a huge question - a question that not one of us can ignore. What does ‘living well’ really look like?

In the end, our lives are shaped by the stories we chose to believe – by the gods that we chose to serve – consciously or subconsciously. 

So, the question is, if your life was a story, what would it be about? 

What would be its most important themes? 

What would its telos be? 

And which virtues and habits would you need to develop to achieve that goal?



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