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19th February 2019
Chalke Talk 60: Christianity: Leisure or Revolution?

This week Steve picks up on an old parable, which begs the question that underlies our behaviour as Christians.

Is following Jesus a matter of making ourselves more comfortable and secure, in theology and day-to-day life? Or, is it a revolutionary u-turn that takes after the example of Jesus, including a willingness to sacrifice our privileges for the oppressed, forgotten, insignificant and powerless?

Steve reflects on Isaiah Chapter 58 which outlines our duty, as Christians, to not just respond to, but organise our lives around coming alongside those who are in need. And as unpleasant as that might sound to some, there’s a promise at the end of that chapter: “Then YOUR light will break forth like the dawn, and YOUR healing will quickly appear.”

Steve asks: Are you a tame goose or a wild goose? You’ll have to watch or listen to the episode to figure out what that means, but we look forward to your response!


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