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30th January 2019
Chalke Talk 57: Why bother with Christianity if "everyone goes to heaven?"

Since last week when Steve concluded that "the good news is for all," many people have got in touch to ask, "if that is the case, then what is the point in being a Christian? In this week's Chalke Talk Steve responds to that important question. 

Steve looks at both examples from his own life, and the overarching message of the gospel. He concludes, “The way I see it, God isn’t fair. The Bible never says God is fair. It says God is love. And that is very different. Love is about undeserved grace which, in the end, everyone gets because God is the gracious and kind judge.”

Over to you. What do you think? Is there any point in being a Christian if everyone goes to heaven? And how does your response effect the way you live?



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