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13th November 2018
Chalke Talk 50: Does God love religion or people?

Following on from last week’s episode, Steve continues to challenge us with what does “Love your neighbour as yourself” actually mean?

Thousands of years later, the challenge that command created in a deeply divided society remains extremely divided. Steve points to Matthew 8, where Jesus is confronted by the Roman Centurion. Jesus responds with, “I tell you the truth, I have not found ANYONE in Israel with SUCH great faith.”  This was a deeply troubling message for the religious leaders of the day, who’s theology had neatly drawn lines between Jew and Gentile. It remains troubling for anyone today who doesn’t see people, before religions, as the first and foremost subject of the love of God. 

As Steve puts it, “twenty centuries after Jesus’ revolutionary words first challenged the neat and comforting tribal formulas of his contemporaries; we still struggle with exactly the same issues.”

So what do you think?  What does all this say our church’s about our traditional judgmental approaches to people of other religions?  And, what implications do Jesus’ words have for us as individuals as well as for our local churches?


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