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14th June 2018
Chalke Talk 33 - Traditional view of the cross "cheapens God's forgiveness"

This week Steve deals with one of the biggest contradictions in modern day theology: “If, as the songs and sermons teach us, God demanded a blood sacrifice and that he was unwilling or unable to extend forgiveness to us without it, then God himself is unwilling to follow the teachings of Jesus – which all becomes a case of ‘do as I say, not as God does.’”

This stems from previous episodes where Steve has looked at how God’s difference, holiness, and uniqueness are his love. God is love; the bible tells us that. Yet that idea that God had to make a sacrifice in order to forgive our sins, penal substitution, contradicts the message of Jesus: to turn the other cheek and love your enemies. For many, this contradiction sits by the wayside, but Steve encourages listeners to critically think about what it means for our theology.

Have you ever struggled to truly feel forgiven by God or by others?  Could your understanding of the cross be part of this struggle? How does your understanding of the cross influence your own attitude to forgiveness?

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