Faith in Jesus is not just an 'insurance policy' for life after death

19th April 2018
Chalke Talk 25 – Christianity NOT about life after death

Steve begins this week’s Chalke Talk by reflecting on some of the questions he has been asked, following the previous video in which he suggested that Heaven is likely to be filled with far more than just Christians.

Chalke Talk 25 - Christianity NOT about life after death from Open Church network on Vimeo.

A number of people have asked questions around why, if Steve is right, we bother to evangelise, have missionaries or try and share the love of God.  Steve argues, that all of these questions come from a common, but inaccurate assumption that Christianity is a kind of life after death insurance policy.  Instead, he suggests, Christianity should be about life BEFORE death.

Drawing on his own testimony, Steve shares how he finds meaning and purpose in his life through faith in Jesus.  Through sharing that story – a story that gives worth to each and every human being – we can help the Kingdom of God become an ever greater reality in the world today.

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