Society is crying out for spiritual leadership

1st March 2018
Chalke Talk 18 - Society needs spirituality and character – not religion

“Following Jesus isn’t about religion and all its paraphernalia; signing up to a system of doctrinal statements in the hope of escaping judgement after death – instead it’s about how to do life right now!”

Chalke Talk 18 - Society needs spirituality and character – not religion from Open Church network on Vimeo.


Recent episodes of Chalke Talk have explored how to read the Bible – to apply the timeless wisdom of scripture to the questions and challenges that face today’s society.  Now, as Steve explains in this week’s edition, it is time to put those tools to use in exploring what it truly means to follow Jesus – The Way – and be human.

In a time when the worlds of business, politics and charity have all been accused of a lack of moral leadership, Steve argues that the emphasis on developing character have never been more important.

What do you think?  Do you agree with Steve?  Why not discuss with friends or your small group.

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