We need to understand that the writers of the Bible were not God's copy typists. 

11th January 2018
Chalke Talk 11 – Dealing with the Bible’s contradictions

How do we deal with contradictions in the Bible – occasions where one verse describes an event in a certain way and another verse talks about the same event completely differently?

Chalke Talk 11 - Dealing with the Bible’s contradictions from Open Church network on Vimeo.

Crucially, Steve argues in the latest instalment of Chalke Talk, we must not simply ignore them. 

Steve argues that the key to this is understanding that although the Bible is inspired by God, he did not dictate it word for word to the Biblical writers.  They are not God’s copy typists. The Bible is a collection of books written by fallible people, whose work bears the hallmarks of their human limitations as well as the preconceptions of the times and cultures they lived in.  All of the Bible therefore can be – and needs to be – discussed, questioned and debated.

Do you agree with Steve?

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