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Being Human is a series of resources for use in churches, schools and community groups that can help each of us to become the best version of ourselves, to reach our full God-given potential in life.

7th February 2018
Being Human - A 4 Week Discipleship Resource for Small Groups

"Most of the time, most of us find ourselves immersed in the mundane, preoccupied with getting by, anxious about deadlines; there are bills to pay, emails to write, phone calls to make and trains to catch. We're racing through life but falling asleep on the inside. However, every now and then - perhaps over a meal or a drink with a friend of many years; or disturbed by a long, sleepless night; or watching the sun set over the sea; or faced with a personal difficulty or family tragedy; or gazing up at the moon and countless stars on a clear summer's night - we momentarily glimpse something bigger, something bolder and more fulfilling". (Steve Chalke, Being Human, 2015).

In 2015, Steve Chalke wrote Being Human, a book in which he explores what it means to be fully human. It's a book about how to become the person you were always meant to be. A book to help people to stop simply sleepwalking through life. A book to help people find a convincing narrative to live their lives by. You can buy a copy by clicking the book cover below:




Since publishing Being Human, many people have suggested that it would be a good resource for small Church and community groups and have asked us if we could produce a complementary set of video resources. And we're delighted that Steve has recorded this series of four videos and and a set of leader's notes, which accompany the book and which both individuals and small groups can use to explore their discipleship: what it means to be fully human. Watch the trailer to hear Steve describe the series and its content...



The online resources are split into four sections, which can be covered in four distinct sessions, together with a leader's resource which will help you to guide a discussion or your own individual reflection. You can click on each of the images below to buy each of the videos individually (for £4 each):

Alternatively, you can click here to buy all four videos for £15.

We really hope that you'll enjoy these resources. Do please let us know what you think.



Being Human - How to Become the Person You Were Meant to Be; A Book by Steve Chalke
Product Description: 

'Your life is precious - a precious gift. It is sacred; every moment of it. The opportunity to live rather than sleepwalk through our days belongs to us. This book is a call to wake up. It is a call to each one of us; to wake up, to live before we die'.

Click here to order a copy of Steve Chalke's book 'Being Human' at a discounted price of £10, including postage and packing.


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