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A six-week discussion series to help local churches and small groups join the ancient conversation on the Apostle Paul.

24th July 2019
The Lost Message of Paul - video discussion series


The Lost Message of Paul: Continuing the Conversation from Open Church network on Vimeo.


In June 2019, Steve Chalke released ‘The Lost Message of Paul’ – a ground breaking new book arguing that the Church has misunderstood the Apostle Paul – and misunderstood him badly.

The book has raised crucial questions.  Have we misunderstood Paul?  Have we read his words through our own set of assumptions rather than beginning with Paul’s worldview?  What if ‘original sin’ was never part of Paul’s thinking?  What if the idea that we are saved by faith in Christ, as Luther argued, was based on a mistranslation of Paul’s words and a misunderstanding of Paul’s thinking?  What if Paul’s real message is one that we’ve been crying out for, for centuries?

As Steve himself has said, nothing in his book is new – it is simply his contribution to an ancient conversation – a conversation that must be extended outside of scholarship and into local churches around the world.

In order to help facilitate small group discussions on these crucial questions, Steve has prepared a six-week video based discussion guide. 

Click here to purchase the six week video series

Click here to download the discussion questions


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