Our vision is for community – a place where everyone is included, making a contribution and reaching their God-given potential. This Church & Community section provides resources that churches can use to become more actively engaged in serving their communities.


Church & Community

A local church should be at the heart of its community but how can church leaders, typically overworked and under-resourced, turn their churches into the transforming force they believe God has called them to be? How can they build a rapport and build partnerships with community stakeholders? How can they balance all of this with the competing demands of leading a congregation?

Church & Community aims to answer some of those questions and over time we'll be adding more resources that will help church leaders and church members who are striving for their church to be more socially active to make a real difference in their communities.

There are already some introductory resources and blog posts that will help you to think through what a socially active church might look like in your neighbourhood. But look out particularly for our Active Church Online course, which we'll be launching in the Autumn.

And do please let us know what you'd like to see in this section - our aim is to share what Oasis has learnt over 30 years of Christ-centred community development work and we'd love your feedback on what we're sharing.

An increasing number of Churches are openly committing to LGB+T inclusion. The Open Church Charter is a way for your church to make their position known and throw open their doors to people who are seeking an inclusive and welcoming community.

Is your church committed to LGB+T inclusion?

We believe that the good news of Jesus calls, welcomes and accepts all people into the family of his Church and that our diversity and openness are signs of his life, love and strength.  But we also recognise that building a universal Church in which all are – and feel – welcomed and included is still a work in progress, not only for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, but also for members of various other communities.

This charter is intended to make a commitment on behalf of our local church in relation to the inclusion of LGB+T people.

Read the and sign up to the Open Church Charter

On the 500th anniversary since Martin Luther supposedly posted his Ninety-five Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg - effectively ushering in what would become known as the protestant reformation – Rev Canon Steve Chalke is launching the new ‘Chalke Talk’ video web series. Through a weekly succession of videos, Steve will focus minds on ninety five burning questions that he believes the Church needs to face up to as part of a radical rethink of its theology, engagement and role in society.

Rev Canon Steve Chalke says, “In the early years of the 16th century, German priest and scholar Martin Luther came to believe that the shape of the established Church and its relationship to the State did not fit the needs of the world in which he was called to live and serve.

“In the early years of the 21st century it is clear, once more, that the shape of the established Church and its relationship to the State no longer fits the needs of the world in which we are called to live and serve. It is time, once again, to reimagine the role of faith, Church and its place in the public square.

Over the coming two years Steve Chalke, who as well as leading Oasis Globally serves as the senior minister of Oasis Church in Waterloo, central London, will be posting his ninety five revolutionary questions about the way the Church operates in video form, one at a time, week-by-week, on the worldwide web.  So far the series consists of:

WATCH week 1: Introduction and an invitation to conversation

WATCH week 2: Luther, the state and misunderstanding Scripture

WATCH week 3: Bad theology costs lives

WATCH week 4: The Church needs heretics

WATCH week 5: Here I stand, I can do no other

WATCH week 6: Dealing with the difficult bits of the Bible

WATCH week 7: We must interpret the Bible or we make it irrelevant 

WATCH week 8: If it doesn't look like Jesus, it's not God

WATCH week 9: The way we use the Bible is driving down church attendance

WATCH week 10: Take the Bible seriously, not literally

WATCH week 11: Dealing with the Bible's contradictions

WATCH week 12: Calling the Bible infallible has stopped us taking it seriously

WATCH week 13: Juvenile Bible reading endangering LGBT mental health

WATCH week 14: The Bible is a library that invites debate

WATCH week 15: 100 years after women get the vote, the church still lags on social change

WATCH week 16: The Bible cannot have the final word on morality