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Churches must offer ‘radical inclusion’ to trans people, says Steve Chalke

Churches should be among the first to include, welcome, support and accept transgender people, says one of the world’s leading evangelical Christians. 

In his new eBook published today, Rev Steve Chalke highlights that in the New Testament, the first non-Jewish convert to Christianity was someone with sexual and gender minority status.

Active Church Online - coming soon...

Oasis delivers Christ-centred community hubs in 36 neighbourhoods around the country. We've learnt a lot about church-led in the last thirty years and Active Church is our opportunity to share that knowledge with others. Until now, that training has been delivered in Waterloo and Birmingham and we've been limited in how often we could make it happen. However, in the Autumn we'll be releasing a web-based resource that churches can access as and when they need, so that they can enhance the way they work in community.