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Example renaming ceremony

Naming ceremony for Henry Karl Stafford

Minister: Introduction

Henry is here today:

  • To thank God for the gift of his life and health
  • To dedicate himself publically to serving Jesus who – through his life, death, resurrection and example – taught us how to love God and our neighbours as ourselves
  • To call on us – his friends – to commit ourselves to supporting him in his life and journey of faith
  • To ask God’s blessing on him in the years ahead

Henry: My Story

Cain and Abel

Listen to Rev Steve Chalke unearth essential truth from one of the greatest sibling rivalry stories in history.  Steve also explains how this story has been used to justify racism – a poignant reminder of how people can misunderstand the Bible and come to dangerous conclusions.

Introducing Oasis in the UK...

Oasis is a global Christian movement and group of charities and social enterprises working in 51 communities located in 11 countries across the world. 36 of those communities are in England. We work with and within some of the most vulnerable communities, seeking to become an integral part of every neighbourhood we work in. We achieve all this through the development of 'Oasis Hubs', which provide integrated services designed to meet the breadth of human need.

A Reflection: Listening for God

Two men - deep in conversation - walked down a bustling city street; one at home, the other, his friend, visiting from the countryside.

Passing a tree, the visitor suddenly stopped. ‘Can you hear that?’ he said. ‘Hear what?’ his friend countered.

‘The cricket singing…Listen’ He stood with one ear leaning towards the tree to tune into the source of the song.


A vision for community: I saw a new London...

It was 8 o'clock on Monday morning.

I was standing by Lambeth North station.

And I saw a new London coming down from the heavens.


I saw a teenager leaping out of bed with joy,

laughing with the freshness of the morning.


I saw elderly ladies skipping down Kennington Road.


I saw children paddling in the River Thames.


I saw a football match in Kennington Park and the teams were mixed people

from every people group: asylum seekers And taxi drivers, policemen and