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Waterloo farm
29th June 2017
Introducing Oasis in the UK...

Oasis is a global Christian movement and group of charities and social enterprises working in 51 communities located in 11 countries across the world. 36 of those communities are in England. We work with and within some of the most vulnerable communities, seeking to become an integral part of every neighbourhood we work in. We achieve all this through the development of 'Oasis Hubs', which provide integrated services designed to meet the breadth of human need. Our aim is to build communities that are healthy, safe, supportive and full of opportunity; communities in which every individual is supported to reach their God-given potential in life.

Oasis has a radical and genuinely distinctive vision of community, seeking to reconnect people to each other and to the services they need. Through the work of Oasis Hubs we are actively engaged in creating communities characterised by:

  • High quality education – with schools that are good or outstanding
  • Opportunity – in terms of employment, volunteering and local enterprise
  • Good, integrated and sustainable local services – whether delivered by Oasis or other local agencies
  • Safety – low levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and bullying and resilience to people trafficking
  • Good health – low levels of addiction, obesity and teenage pregnancy and good levels of life expectancy
  • Cohesion and integration – communities where individuals feel included, connected and supported, in which they feel happy and proud to live and able to make a difference

Ours is a model of integrated local service delivery that remains distinct from most traditional forms of statutory or voluntary sector community engagement. While most statutory and voluntary sector agencies focus on commissioning and delivering specific and separate services (e.g., housing, education or youth work) across a relatively broad geographic area, Oasis aims to work with families in an integrated and holistic way, providing a range of mutually supporting services at a community or neighbourhood level.

We do that because we have learnt that separate, non-integrated “solutions” often fail to achieve meaningful and lasting transformation. We have learnt that for a homeless person, having a roof over your head for a few days provides only temporary respite. What you need is training, a job opportunity and help to restore the relationships that have been broken in your life. We have learnt that for children and young people in our communities, delivering a high quality education is a good start. But unless those children and young people have the character and confidence to embrace that education, support from their family and community, and a sense of opportunity of what they can achieve, they are unlikely to reach anything like their full potential in life.

You can find out more about our work in the UK at http://www.oasisuk.org.



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