Abraham and Sarah left their comfort zone in order to include.

23rd March 2018
Chalke Talk 21 – The story of Genesis is the story of inclusion

In this week’s Chalke Talk, Steve explores how inclusion is a fundamental theme in the Old Testament.

Chalke Talk 21 – The story of Genesis is the story of inclusion from Open Church network on Vimeo.

Examining the story of Abraham and Sarah, Steve illustrates that from the earliest pages of the Bible, we have examples of people stepping out of their comfort zone and attempting to share the news of God’s love with those that might previously have been considered unworthy of it.

Steve argues that the challenge that posed itself to Abraham and Sarah back in the Mesopotamian Bronze Age, still confronts each one of us.  Do we have the courage to leave the confines of the religious and cultural boxes that we’ve lived in. Are we ready to work for a world where the excluded are welcomed, the broken are restored, the hungry are fed, where difference and diversity are celebrated, injustice is banished and no one is oppressed?

What do you think?  Do you agree with Steve?

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