The books of the Bible do not always agree with each other...

2nd February 2018
Chalke Talk 14 - The Bible is a library that invites disagreement

When we walk into a library – even a specialist library on a particular subject – we expect the books present to have much in common with each other; but we would be highly surprised if they uniformly agreed on everything.  The Bible, Steve argues in this week’s Chalke Talk, is a library and we should expect some disagreement between the books that constitute it.

Chalke Talk 14 - The Bible is a library that invites disagreement from Open Church network on Vimeo.


During the video, Steve charts the historical progress of the coming together of the books which make up the Bible we read today.  He also highlights how certain figures of Church history – such as Martin Luther – would not have approved of the canon of scripture we now depend on.

In light of this, perhaps we should celebrate debate and discussion and recognise its place in the Christian tradition.

Do you agree with Steve?  Why not discuss with your small group or friends.

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