It is time to face the consequences of getting our interpretation of the Bible wrong.

25th January 2018
Chalke Talk 13 - Juvenile Bible reading endangering LGBT mental health

Irresponsible church leaders, who encourage a literal and juvenile interpretation of the Bible, are partly to blame for heightened mental illness and physical harm among LGBT people, argues Steve in this week's Chalke Talk.

Chalke Talk 13 - Juvenile Bible understanding causing LGBT mental illness from Open Church network on Vimeo.

Despite the fact that the Bible’s underlying message is one of justice, compassion and liberation, Rev Canon Steve Chalke – leader of Global Christian charity Oasis – argues in this week’s Chalke Talk that a failure to grapple with the challenges, contradictions and inconsistencies it presents has caused its true purpose to be distorted.  As such it has wrongly been used throughout history to undermine women’s rights, create an unnecessary confrontation with scientists and oppress LGBT people.

While previous editions of Chalke Talk have asked probing questions, this week Steve makes three bold challenges.

How will you and your church respond?

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It is by getting our interpretation of the Bible right – and understanding its challenging message of liberation – that the church will continue and flourish in its commitment to justice.  Oasis, motivated by the socially radical message of Scripture is working around the world to liberate the oppressed, tackle social injustice in whatever form it manifests and to build inclusive communities where everyone can flourish.  Please consider giving to our life-changing work.


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