Contemporary society offers a variety of gods to worship, including money, sex and power.  But do they look like Jesus? 

7th September 2017
Being Human - Week 3 - Which god do you serve?

Being Human Week 3 from Open Church network on Vimeo.

In the Old Testament, God is often depicted as commanding his people to have ‘no other god beside him.’  In a world where surrounding cultures and rival nations each had their own deity to carry out battles in the heavenlies that mirrored and influenced those on earth, this instruction made perfect sense.  But is it still relevant to a Western world which has largely abandoned polytheism?

Steve Chalke, in the third instalment of the ‘Being Human’ video series argues that today’s society offers a whole host of gods that people – perhaps unknowingly – choose to follow.

“There are many gods vying for our attention today in our society.”  Steve argues.  “They want our adoration. They’re looking for our worship. Here are some of their names: money, sex, power, the market, leisure, self-interest, health and beauty. Which god do you choose to serve? We all serve somebody.”  

However, if any of these things do not look like Jesus, they are not of God. 

The Being Human series is a video resource for small groups and individuals, created to help people reflect and discuss deep questions about faith and humanity.  Check out the latest video and download the leader/discussion notes to help create thought provoking conversation.

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