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6th August 2017
Being Human - Week 2 – What is the Bible?

Some people occasionally throw stones at the Bible, deploring the fact that it is a book full of contradictions.

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When they do so, they make two mistakes.  The first is to describe the Bible as a book.  It is not – it is a series of books.

The second is to assume that they have ‘exposed’ the Bible or undermined its value by discovering its contradictions.  But what if these nuances and these different shades of opinion are not a series of embarrassing mistakes?  What if, instead, they are actually an invitation to enter into dialogue with the timeless wisdom of Christian Scripture?

In the second instalment of the ‘Being Human’ video series for individuals and small groups, Steve Chalke suggests that the books of the Bible are often placed in juxtaposition to highlight contradiction and to call us into a conversation. He suggests that the very nature of the Bible is to call us into conversation about its content and meaning.

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